Friday, February 3, 2012

VIDEO: Miss Korea Scandal

So, this was really hard to pin down. Miss Korea 2002 who represented South Korea for Miss Universe 2003 had made a sex tape with her then boyfriend. Her name is Keum Nana (κΈˆλ‚˜λ‚˜). She's actually very bright girl, having attended Ivy League schools and written books. She is fighting this single moment of indiscretion with her own website, which is very extensive. Her achievements are impressive but I wonder if she's worked even harder so that her reputation will change.  After doing some research, I don't think the girl in this video is Keum Nana. I know that that is what is being spread around the internet. I think the girl looks more like Kim Min Kyung. But who knows? I don't.

Well, either way, here's what her online reputation is for now:


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